Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VeganMoFo - Totally Surprised

I'm really surprised and grateful that my job has been able to get us vegan lunches two days in a row! We're currently under the gun with a software release and needed at our desks for much of the day, so it's been a real relief that a corporation could actually get vegan lunches right two days in a row...lol.

First day - salads and gyros minus the meat and sauce -- doable and almost sweet in the execution of the meal...kind of like, "They don't like eggs, meat, or milk, but who doesn't like Gyro bread!? That plus veggies - voila!"

Second day - amazing wraps from Robek's, a smoothie/wrap place nearby. The wraps came stuffed with carrots, lettuce, tomato, avocado, roasted red pepper, and, I kid you not, jicama!

This is so much better than the years of people saying, "You don't eat meat? So, we can get you fish?" Sigh.

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Bethany said...

I hear that. It's so nice when they provide meals and don't forget the vegan.

I quit my job before the company meeting this year, so of course it was the year that they decided to make the veg option totally vegan. that is cool of them, just wish I had been there - but not really ;-).

I'm tagging you for the "what's in your (vegan) freezer poll". . my freezer is a disorganized mess.